Plant Better University- Silver

Plant Better University- Silver

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Plant Better University Membership Levels

Welcome to the Silver level. This is definitely worth the effort.



Plant Better University is a new way, better-eLearning platform, that is constantly updated by and led by Antonio T. Smith, Jr. When you enroll to PBU, you get access to Antonio T. Smith, Jr., along with all of his proven tools, strategies, and resources, as well as his leading Strategic Coaches who have mastered his programs. Here, you will find how to unlock the highest expression of yourself.

Our carefully designed platform includes tons of training on every entry level. Antonio is passionate about over delivering; therefore, you will discover when you enroll on a level, you are constantly upgraded and given more access on your current level. You will have access to live training, seminars, on-demand videos, mindset phone calls, live events, and many other resources. You can start anytime and you can work through the material at your own pace.

Inside, You’ll Get Exclusive Access to:
Watch from anywhere at any time. From motivation to transformational to scientific to entrepreneurship to question and answer sessions, and so much more.
Every Sunday, Antonio leads the Plant Better Mindset Phone Call. It is a transformational coaching call, designed to help you live the quality of life that is worthy of you.
Connect with like minds, share stories, resources, and expand your network in this private Facebook group.
Silver members get 2 General Session tickets to 1 Premier Live Event. Gold members get 2 VIP tickets to unlimited events.
Great work books and other rescources that will help you go further faster.
You’ll get access to free books, live interviews with CEOs, trendsetters, and innovators.

DISCLAIMER: ATS JR Companies (ATS JR) event(conference) tickets are not redeemable for cash. ATS JR conference tickets can neither be sold or transferred. Plant Better University members must be present to redeem tickets for conference admission. Complimentary tickets become available ONLY, after three months of consecutive membership. Complimentary tickets are only available to active Plant Better University Silver/Gold level members. General admission tickets can not be upgraded to VIP tickets for a discounted or prorated rate. Conference Tickets can only be redeemed at ONE event. Gold members will receive 2 complimentary conference tickets every 12 months of consecutive membership. Plant Better University members can not give tickets to other members or persons. Conference Tickets are only applicable to select ATS JR events.

By becoming a member of Plant Better University, you have agreed to have your membership fees automatically deducted from your chosen form of payment. Please be advised that all subscription cancellations must be made 3 business days prior to your billing date. Cancellations made after this period will not be processed until the following month.

We understand you have choices and you could have invested both your time and funds elsewhere. We don’t take our customers for granted and we appreciate your continued support. We promise to treat you with the greatest of respect and empathy and work super hard to make things better for you each month.