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Bryant Johnson

Global Account Manager
Bryant joined ATS Jr. Companies with a wealth of knowledge within the insurance, telemarketing, and customer service arena. Prior to coming to ATS Jr Companies, he owned his own company for 7 years.

After working within the member service arena in the ATS JR Companies, he moved into the world of Account Management working as a Global Account Manager. As a Global Account Manager he is responsible for producing whatever the Global Account Executive deemed necessary in order to make the client’s life easier and fulfill their overall growth needs.


“I have always enjoyed being able to help people in any way that I can and I look forward to continuing that passion as a part of the ATS Jr Companies.”

Internet Marketing 95%
Customer & Retention 90%
Ambition 90%
Strategy 95%

Trusted By

I first started working with Antonio about a year ago. I was in need of money, and considering going down the wrong roads to get it. Antonio started talking to me and giving me advice. I only first thought about it, and never really considered using his advice to my benefit. Once my issue got bad enough, I decided, why not give it a try, and I am so glad I did. Antonio has changed my life drastically. I got a job and started working immediately. I started listening to his PodCasts and began to receive 1 on 1 coaching. Every time I speak to him I take notes and am eager to learn. Thanks to him I have ventured into the stock market, and I have discovered the career path I want to take. To this day, I still work with him, and always look forward to it. He is an excellent mentor, teacher, as well as a good friend. He will never let you down.




I was at a very low point in my life. Dealing with depression, a breakup, and a few other stresses of life. Antonio really helped me to look at things from an alternative perspective. We essentially re-wired my thought process because I was looking at things in a very negative manner. Thinking I wasn’t good enough. Thinking of all the things I had done wrong this past year. Tony helped me to see all the things I did right. With some work, I began to see myself in a positive light again. I began to see my potential again. Something I hadn’t seen since January of 2016. It became apparent that Tony’s work with me was paying off because people around me began seeing my potential again. I went from thinking that in my professional and personal relationships, I wasn’t good enough. And, soon I began believing I was, rediscovering my purpose. It was then that The people closest to me reminded that all along I was good enough. I began to see that I was becoming the person I was meant to be.

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Personal Trainer

Two years ago, I asked Antonio to help me manage my finances better. We sat down, he looked over where my money was going, then told me that I didn’t have a money problem, I had a spending problem. He told me what to do to help manage my money, but at the time, I didn’t have the mindset to listen. I felt like I needed more money to fix my problem.
Because I didn’t take his advice, I continued to struggle with my finances for 2 years. When my mind was finally ready to listen, I went back to Antonio and told him I was ready this time. He looked at my finances again, told me what to do, and I began doing it. It was hard at first, but now I have the discipline to budget my money, save, and spend wisely. I am grateful that Antonio decided to work with and help me again.

Grace Sandles

Grace Sandles