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Plant Better Weekly Mindset Call

Plant Better Mindset Call is a weekly call, hosted by Antonio T. Smith Jr., covering topics on leadership, personal development, and breakthroughs, packed with resources, tips, and tools to help you change your life for a better future. *Sundays at 8:30pm CST. You can access this FREE COACHING CALL at 641-715-3865; Code: 171617 **T-Mobile customers, your provider now charges for many conference calls. Please accept our apologies as we hurry to a solution that is worthy of you.

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Previous Calls And More Free Coaching

Week 1-Tapping Into Your Genius

Week 2-How To Be A CEO And Win

Week 3-Getting Out Of A Slump

Week 4-Protecting Your Wealth

Week 5-Staying Motivated

Week 6-Protecting Yourself From Negative Influences

Week 7-Using Fear As Motivation

Week 8-Starting A Business From Zero And Winning

Week 9-Learning How To Say No


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