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Personal Development is the cornerstone of our organization. We offer courses, weekly training and coaching calls, ebooks, and so much more!

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Weekly networking events, live conferences, training sessions, we cover it all. We would love to have you at our next event!

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Our staff includes best selling authors, entrepreneurs, counselors, community change agents and more. Purchase their content!

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The ATS Jr. Companies, a top personal development and training company, provides personal development and training through one-on-one coaching services, group coaching services, personal and development and empowerment course, seminars, conferences, mindset calls, books and more.

“You shouldn’t doubt what you’ve never tried. Put your energy into what you’re willing to die for. Thanks for my ATS Jr. Coaches, I have made PROGRESS In 116 days!” – C.B.

Our staff is full of Les Brown Certified Speakers, Trainers, and Coaches. We love personal development and training and take transforming your lives very seriously. We teach you the tools to “plant better” seeds and live a life full of prosperity and abundance.


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We constantly adding and updating our courses to help you become the best version of you!

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The biggest thing stopping you from achieving your dreams and more in life is your mindset! We understand this greatly. That is why each course centers around helping you see your life differently.

Many people talk but not everyone is saying something worthwhile. Each of our courses are taught by a Les Brown Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. This means that your facilitator has gone through extensive training sessions and is equipped to deliver you the best content you will find.

Each facilitator spends hours researching and developing a curriculum that is relevant, relatable, and transformational. We are passionate about helping you walk into the life of prosperity and abundance that you deserve.

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We firmly believe that everything you need to succeed on your journey is already within you. We believe that anyone from any walk of life can change the quality of his or her life. We also believe that if you follow the universal laws and PLANT BETTER seeds you will receive a harvest of a better life. Antonio T. Smith Jr. and his team work around the clock creating blogs that are not only inspiring, but transformational and useful for everyone regardless of economic status, race, geographic location, or mindset level. Get started by reading one of the many blogs and get ready for true transformation.

5 Sep
12 Aug

Stop Allowing People To Make You Feel Bad For Winning

Stop Allowing People To Make You Feel Bad For Winning The Reasons You Don't Have To Apologize For Your Blessings Don't lose sleep over being
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11 Aug

Why Excuses Are Arguments For You To Be Poor And Not Admired

Why Excuses Are Arguments For You To Be Poor And Not Admired You Are In Control of Your Life Dear Reader, “this blog would have been
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