What is the ATS Jr. Companies?

The ATS Jr. Companies is the top business, personal development, and training company. We offer everyone from small business owners, to managers, to entrepreneurs, to stay-at-home moms, and college students reliable, high-quality resources through business consulting, coaching, motivational speaking, courses, programs, books, conferences, workshops and more.

Our founder and CEO, Antonio T. Smith Jr. knows personally how anyone can be at rock bottom and climb their way to the top. Growing up, Antonio was abandoned by both of his parents after they found themselves addicted to drugs. Left for dead, Antonio grew up homeless, literally sleeping in dumpsters, dreaming of a better life.

Today Antonio and the ATS Jr. team, teaches people that their current situation is not their final destination. Antonio, through immense research, discovered the concept he calls "Plant Better." If you plant good seeds into your life, you will yield a better harvest. The ATS Jr. Companies one desire is to teach people all around the world, that they deserve a good life if they decide today to plant good seeds that are worthy of them.

Meet The Team

Antonio T. Smith Jr.

President & CEO

Bryant A. Johnson

Director of Spirituality

Deaunna M. Mitchell

Lead Publicist

Grace Y. Sandles

Director of Sales

Michelle L. Mueller

Director of Member Services

Shannon R. Clark

Director of Counseling

Tempestt S. Smith


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