You Planted It. Antonio T. Smith, Jr keynote, “You Planted It, Now Deal With It”

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Antonio is a trained and certified speaker through Les Brown and the Les Brown Institute. Antonio focuses on transformation, leadership, and a variety of other topics.


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Founder/CEO - ATS Jr. Companies |
Author | Coach | Keynote Speaker

Antonio T. Smith Jr.

From the first grade to ninth grade, Antonio T. Smith Jr., was a homeless kid eating out of trash cans, thrown into a world of violence, and forced to escape out of CPS custody. Given up by both of his parents when he was 6, Antonio had to put himself through school but he didn’t do a great job because he failed the 5th and 6th grade back to back. Finding shelter in a dumpster in one of the worst neighbors in Galveston, TX.

Antonio taught himself to not be embarrassed with his living conditions, because the only time he could eat was when the school provided. Being left alone from 6 to 14, Antonio had to endure violence, rape, and molestation. There were times in which he grew tired of his own story. There were many painful nights in which he wondered “is this going to be my future?”

As luck would have it, someone would adopt Antonio when they discovered his trash can was his prison. However, in adoption things did not go well. It wasn’t his adoptive parents who were the problem, by the time he was 14, Antonio psychologically broken, violent, and suicidal. Then one day his life would change forever. He decided this would not be his future and that his future would be to travel the world, making life better for other people so no one would ever have to witness the horrific things that nearly broke his mind.

Today Antonio is a best-selling author, international public speaker, and reaches millions of people in over 70 countries in 60 different languages. As a child, Antonio was ready to die because his trash can-prison was forced to be his palace but today Antonio is willing to die so no one will ever have to see a trashcan as their worth or their shelter.