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As a media personality and an award-winning speaker, people from around the globe have traveled to see Antonio live and you can now bring him directly to your organization to provide business training solutions, sales tips, marketing strategies, personal development, and more.

Watch this 3minute video GoalCast made of  Antonio T Smith Jr, from how he went from failing the 5th and the 6th grade, to becoming a multi-millionaire.

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Get To Know Antonio

Antonio T. Smith, Jr. has been transforming organizations and lives for many years now. His only purpose is to help his team and everyone that follows him reach their level of self-actualization and to live the highest level of themselves that they can. He has created several processes to do this. Antonio has created several ways to help transform lives.

He gives away an abundance of free information on his Facebook page, he created the ATS Business University to help business grow and survive and thrive in today’s business world, Plant Better University to guide his followers to a better mindset in life, Plant Better Mindset Call where he personally delivers free information to all that listen to help them better their lives and several other processes. 

He has directly influenced business decisions made by Les Brown, Chase Bank, Synergy Radio, the local NAACP chapters, the Greater Houston Black Chamber of Commerce and several other celebrities and companies. Antonio T. Smith, Jr. has been changing the lives of people and businesses for almost a decade and he only gets better because he never stops growing so that he can help others.

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