Are You Struggling in Your Business?

ATS Business University is the leading program that guides you through broke to profitable. All business training is live! You have access to ask real life questions and receive profitable answers!

This special program includes over 1500 classes! You will not find another business training program that delivers the way ATS Business University can!

Weekly Training Calls

Antonio & his team, hosts 7 training calls each week. You will gain business, sales, marketing and mindset training, proven to make you and your business profitable.

Personal Attention

Each client will be assigned to a personal ambassador. Your ambassador will be your guide throughout your training, ensuring all of your needs are met and holding you accountable for achieving your goals.

One-on-One Coaching

In addition to weekly trainings and a personal ambassador, you will also be matched with an ATS Jr. Strategic Coach who will also coach you through any barriers that are stopping you from achieving what is your birthright.

Resources! Resources! Resources!

Clients also receive free access to Plant Better University which is the leading online personal development system. You receive over 100+ hours training and coaching from Antonio & his team that is updated monthly. Other resources include coaching courses, audio downloads and more.

This man right here... Antonio Smith.. my coach, my friend. Find people that you KNOW, LIKE and TRUST to lead you. Surround yourself with people who are OQP.. ONLY QUALITY PEOPLE

Rachael Bell

ATS Mastermind Trainings

  • All of your questions answered LIVE

  • Lifetime Access

  • Get the tools, training and coaching you need to make you and your business profitable.

Some Featured Courses

  • The Power of Selling
  • Be the Buyer to Sell the Buyer
  • The I.C.E. And A.R.C. Formula
  • Facebook Ads
  • Expert Marketing
  • Expert Sales
  • Business Plan Classes
  • Market Degrees (Cold,Warm,Hot)
  • Follow Up 
  • The Attributes of The Closer
  • Google Ads
  • Master Marketing
  • Master Sales
  • Financial Classes
  • Money Matters
  • Antonio In Action (A.I.A.)
  • Creating Conversations
  • Marketing 101
  • Sales 101
  • Cold Calling
  • Internet Lead Capture
  • The Close
  • Polling Your Audience
  • 100 Ways To Win
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Advanced Sales
  • Warm Calling
  • Sales Funnels

and much more!


ATS Business University



ATS Business University




Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the platform?
Once you register you will have LIFETIME access.

Is there a physical University to attend?
No. This university is online only for your convenience to be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

Who is this best suited for?
Anyone who wants to get more out of life and business. Artists, Automotive Salespeople, Doctors, Roofers, Phone Salespeople, and anyone else who has a dream that needs to be brought to market.

How long will it take to complete?
That depends on you. There are over 1500 segments of video on the platform. We suggest you do 6 segments per day plus the testing and it will take roughly one year to finish at this pace if you do not repeat any content. Our studies show that repeated content is retained better over time.

Is this for a company or a single user?
This special is for a single user. We have different options for businesses and corporations. Click here for businesses and corporations.

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