I Have A Dream -Plant Better 3

I am super excited to bring you this episode of #PlantBetter. Martin Luther King, Jr. showed up. Today is a big day and I get to serve the masses. Yet, somehow soundcheck was the best part 😂. Check it out.

Aiden Figures Out He Knows A Lot About Business – Plant Better 2

In this episode, my oldest son doesn’t recognize how great he is. He had a fun-smiling time figuring out how much he knows about business. Check it out. Drop me some comments and tell me what you think. #PlantBetter

The Reason Why No One Is Buying From You – Plant Better 1

Most people seek to be popular on social media but not paid. This is a major issue. Yet, it is not the most pressing issue of all. The title of most pressing issue belongs to wanting to be paid and having no idea how to get it done.

Getting paid by strangers is about not being a stranger anymore. People need to feel like they know you, love you, and are your friend. There is a way to do this. Check out the video.

Being popular isn’t enough, not even for politics.

Here are some keynotes from this video.

Learn the audience you have attracted.

You won’t know until you poll your audience.

Most people are popular and not paid.

Attention is everything!

Does your page and what you do attract AND keep attention?

Their pain is too loud to hear what you are saying.

Are you speaking their language?

Generic only gets you generic money.

We need to date for 7 hours.

Humanize your funnel!

Growing Pains

We all need to take the time and grow as people. Sometimes we are put in a position where we have no choice but to grow. In my case, I had a life-saving, life-changing, amazing breakthrough and what comes after the breakthrough is the need and want for transformation. You may be starting your own business or relaunching an existing one. You have an idea or a plan. You have something to offer the world and you want to be the best at what you do.

First of all, I want to say congratulations!

Congratulations for choosing you and for choosing to do something that brings you happiness. With anything that brings you to a better you and a better life, comes hard work.

Therefore, you dive in at full speed and you are going to prove how great you really are.
You read Books

Listen to Podcasts

Take Classes

You even get a get a coach!

You are constantly and consistently pouring into you. You have so much information stored in your brain, you are not sure if you will even remember any of it.

When the need comes, some of it you already knew, but you never applied. Most of it is new information and it makes sense, and some of it doesn’t make any sense at all. But you trust your teachers, like a blind person trusting their guide.

Choosing to grow means

You don’t even want to watch primetime tv shows anymore or even go the movies. It is ok because the only thing you want to watch is YOUR vision come to life.

You don’t even want to watch primetime tv shows anymore or even go the movies. It is ok because the only thing you want to watch is YOUR vision come to life.

Your friends don’t get it. Some of them are silently thinking that you feel you are too good for them now just because you chose a class over a night out, but that’s ok. You’re not mad at them. They are forgiven. You aren’t trying to be better than them, you are trying to be a better you.

Your level of awareness is changing. You are growing. You are pumped up. You got this and you are unstoppable!

Then it happens

You make some mistakes and your confidence is affected.

You fall short of your own expectations.

You start doubting your decisions. You feel more frustrated than you feel motivated.

Your subconscious tells you to give up, and you do for a moment or even a whole day.
You feel overwhelmed and you are exhausted.

You start to procrastinate, and now you’re faking it. You feel like you’re just not making it anymore and you break down.


True story

I had a conversation with someone the other day and she was going through everything I just described. She was frustrated. She was doubting herself. She said growth was way too hard and she didn’t want to be “uncomfortable” anymore. She admitted that she didn’t think she had what it takes to keep up with everyone. She called herself a failure and just broke down and cried.

I knew exactly what had happened.

She had stopped believing in herself and when that happens, limited beliefs and bad habits start to reappear.

So I looked at her and told her, “it’s ok. You’re just growing.”

You’re going to have days like this. Take it easy on yourself. You’ve had bad habits for a long time, it’s going to take awhile. Change doesnt happen overnight.

I told her that mistakes aren’t failures. A mistake isn’t even a mistake, it’s an opportunity to do it again with a new plan with a better way.

You aren’t the only one struggling. Reach out, ask for help and accept it. You don’t have to suffer alone.

Yes, you are exhausted. Good! That means you are working on you and you are working on your dreams. But you also have to take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments otherwise nothing will ever be good enough.

Let stuff go! Let people go! The people who are meant to be there will be, the others will fall off.

Please stop comparing yourself to others.

NOBODY else can be YOU.

I told her that she needed to start being comfortable with being uncomfortable Why? Because it is such a small price to pay for living your dream.

Lastly, I said, “You need to believe in the work that you are doing. Believe in the impact you will have, big or small. Most importantly, believe in you!”

YES! You do have what it takes! You have a gift and you are just finding out how to present it to the world.

It is okay to have those moments, you are just growing.

As I stared back at her in the bathroom mirror, at my own reflection, I dried my tears, fixed my mascara and pulled my shoulders back. I looked at myself one more time and smiled. I smiled because I had started to believe every word I just said to myself.

Before I switched the light off, I said one last time, “it’s ok Michelle, you are just growing.”

Fertile Soil

Are you ready to plant your seeds of Prosperity?

Is your arrogance blocking the growth of your garden?

Do you know what arrogance means?  Let me break it down:  Arrogance means that you are not open to receive new information.

What does this have to do with fertile soil and planting gardens?  This means that whatever information that is being passed down to you, you are not open-minded enough to receive.  That also means that you can’t grow because the information that you need to grow, you are not willing to receive.

How can I talk to you about this?  Let me tell you how.  I spent 8 years in arrogance and because of that, my company grossed zero.  Whatever information that crossed my path, I didn’t even let it hit my inner ear.  I knew everything and there wasn’t anything you could tell me.

Why am I comparing receiving information to planting seeds in a garden?  Imagine your brain.  Think about a garden inside of your brain.  Now, think about all of the information that you come across on a daily basis.  Put that information into a seed.  So, every book you read is a seed.  Every person that comes across your path with new information, that’s a seed.  Every google search you do, that’s a seed.  Now, imagine that seed going into the grown to grow.  That’s that information going into your brain to be received and utilized.  Now, think about the ground in the summer when it’s dried up and hard.  Now imagine trying to plant a seed in this type of ground.  That my friend is your brain on arrogance.

Now to the reason why I’m writing this blog.  I don’t want anyone else to suffer in arrogance like I did.  So, I ask that you open your mind and let this “seed” fall on “fertile soil”.  I’m going to give you a few tips on breaking up your soil and fertilizing it so that your seeds can fall on fertile soil and your harvest will be of prosperity and abundance.



You don’t know nothing!  Yes, I said that exactly how I wanted to.  You don’t know nothing.  Whatever you think you know, you don’t know.  Whatever you learned, you don’t know.  Whatever you’ve been doing, you don’t know.  Why do I say this?  I say this because this is why your soil, BRAIN, is so hard and why you are sooo dog gone arrogant.  YOU DON’T KNOW NOTHING!!!  Keep that in your mind every time someone comes across your path and speaks to you about anything.  Keep that in mind the next time you read an article and it is saying things that you’ve heard before.  Keep that in mind when someone recommends a book or an article for you to read, read it.  Don’t just brush it off.  Saying that you don’t know anything will loosen, breakup and turn the soil in your brain and allow for the seeds that you are receiving to fall into the soil.

Emptying yourself every day is another way of loosening your “Brain Soil”.  What do I mean by this?  Start every day with the mindset that everything that comes your way is NEW information that you are ready to receive.  By doing this, you are automatically telling yourself that because you don’t know anything, everything that you come across you will be willing to receive.  Think about a child.  Every day they wake up and learn something new and they are happy and excited to learn this new thing.  Be like a child, excited to learn something new, even when that something new you’ve already heard before.



As in all processes, this is going to take time.  How much time it takes is subjective to the person.  I mean, you determine how long it takes to fertilize your soil.  What do I mean by this?  Do you season your meat before you put it on the bar-b-que pit?  Why do you do this?  So that it tastes even better when you bite into it.  Use this same thought process with fertilizing the soil in your mind.  Do you want your seeds to fall into plain soil and get a plain harvest, a plain paycheck, a plain house, a plain meal, a plain job?  No, you want your seeds to fall into fertile soil so that you can get an abundant harvest, an abundance of income without having to clock in, an abundance in living space so you and your children have space to grow, an abundance in food so that you never go hungry, and an abundance in businesses that you own so you never have to step foot into a 9 to 5 ever.  Fertilizing your soil is an extremely important step in prepping your garden.

How do you fertilize your soil?  You work on you.  You analyze the people, places and things in your life that you’ve always done, been to and hung out with and you ask yourself, in all these years, have I grown with this in my life?  Then you think about your thought process and how you think and your decision making.  Are your thoughts positive thoughts?  Do you control your own thoughts?  Are your thoughts even yours?  Do you even listen to your thoughts or do you smother your own voice and settle for everything else around you?  What decisions have you been making lately?  Have you made good decisions or great decisions?  Have you made a decision period?  Have your decisions led you to a place of happiness or a place of misery?  Depending on your answers, it may be time to start working on your mindset.

Fertilizing your soil is making yourself grow out, mentally, to the abundance that you want.  Your sub-conscious and your auto-suggestion and your personal filter in your brain hate you because at this very moment you hate yourself.  You have to change that in order to fertilize your garden.  You have to believe that you deserve the abundance that has your chest burning when you think and talk about that “One Thing” that means so much to you.  You have to change your self-talk and tell yourself that “Every day is my birthday and there is nothing that can stop me from getting what I want.”  I have several suggestions on how you can do this.  I will leave them at the end of this for you.



Now, I’ve been telling you about planting seeds and what seeds are and fertilizing your garden, but I fell that I need to tell you to watch what you plant in your garden.  You can have the most broken up, fertile soil but if you plant poison, then you will get an abundance of poison and no one wants that.  Changing your mindset will help make sure that you are planting seeds of prosperity.  When you think about that one thing that will change your life and someone comes across your path and tells you something that is in direct line with what you are trying to do, that would be a good seed if you are not arrogant.  If someone comes across your path and tells you that you shouldn’t do it because it didn’t work for them and that it won’t work for you and you begin to doubt yourself, that is a bad seed.  When you wake up every morning and tell yourself that today is going to be a day of wealth and abundance and the best day that you’ve ever had, that’s a good seed.  When you wake up in tears or angry or saying to yourself that the world can go to hell and you’re just going to stay hidden all day, that’s a bad seed.

Watch the seeds that you plant in your fertile soil.  I will leave some recommendations on how to make sure that you plant good seeds and how to recognize a bad seed when you see it.


I thank you for hanging out with me today and I hope that this, in some shape, form or fashion, has helped you begin your path or at least help you understand where you currently are in your life.  Below are some avenues and books to help you break up and fertilize your soil and help you to recognize the types of seeds that are going into your garden:

  • Plant Better University: This is filled with several courses that you can take to help you break up, fertilize and “Plant Better”. I am a student and now I’m writing blogs and working with some of the top celebrities in the United States and all over the world.
  • “Think and Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill: It’s exactly what it says.  Now, beware.  This book will change your life, whether your ready or not.  So, just read it.
  • “Keep Walking” – Antonio T. Smith, Jr. – Need to start off with a day at a time, read this book. Antonio gives wonderful guidelines on changing your life “10 Minutes At A Time”.  You don’t want to miss this book.
  • “Code of The Extraordinary Mind” – Vishen Lakhiani: This book will help break down some beliefs that have your soil so hard that it’s concrete.  Trust me.  You need this.
  • “The Secret To Success” Podcast with Antonio Smith– Just what it says. Why a podcast?  There is more than one way to fertilize your soil and this one is better than Miracle Grow.
  • “Overcoming Low Self-Esteem” Podcast with Tempestt Smith – 85% of people in this world suffer from Low Self-Esteem. This is also a reason why your soil is so solidified and why you can’t even bring yourself to break it up, let alone fertilize it.

It’s time to change your life.  You deserve it!  You are Worth it!



Deaunna Mitchell

From Arrogance to Awareness

Ever since I have been working with Antonio Smith, CEO and transformational coach (along with many other hats he wears), he has given me advice that would make my life for the better. Through all the suggestions, there were some things I accepted and others I rejected. Truth be told, I rejected most of the advice he gave me. I refused to accept the new information that Tony gave me to help me to grow. It was then that I realized (through him) that I discovered arrogance.

The first time I was arrogant was when I was given advice on how to excel in my finances. Antonio told me that in order to get my finances together and to stop having “more month at the end of the money,” I must pay myself first.

I IMMEDIATELY shut my brain off after he said this. I couldn’t fathom the thought of me paying myself before I paid all of my bills. That statement was foreign to me, so I chose to reject it…. for 2 years. Therefore, my financial situation remained the same for 2 years.

Arrogance means you do not accept new information.  As soon as you hear something you don’t approve of, you immediately reject it.

Alexa Fischer, a speaker and sought-after coach, says that people who are arrogant are also insecure. When you are secure, there is a flow and an exchange in energy.

However, when you’re loud and not willing to hear what anyone else has to say, that is fueled by arrogance. So, arrogance is created from insecurity.

I still struggle with arrogance, as well as so many others. In my struggle, I have discovered methods to overcome:

Method #1: Raise your level of awareness to realize that you are arrogant.

In any 12-step program, the first step is always to admit you have a problem. In order to overcome arrogance, you must realize and admit you are arrogant. You can’t move forward until you do so. Also, the only way to raise your level of awareness is to be open to receive new information and actually apply the information given from people with a higher level of awareness than you. Things that I desired did not manifest until I realized and admitted that I was arrogant and MADE A DECISION to be open and receive.

Method #2: Be grateful for the people who think enough of you to help you win.

Most times, the people you hang around aren’t interested in seeing you succeed. Misery loves company, and because of this, people would rather work to keep you in poverty than to get themselves in prosperity. When people who truly care about you and want to see and help you win tell you to do certain things, it’s to help you grow. Instead of rejecting those things, ask yourself why they want you to do what they have suggested. Don’t take them for granted, because these people are rare. Remember, these are the people with a higher level of awareness than you, so they are where you are striving to go. Being grateful opens doors to many of your goals and dreams. It also changes your attitude and mindset.

Method #3: Turn your challenge into your strength.

Stubbornness is a by-product of arrogance. You don’t want to receive anything because you’re stubborn. Being stubborn can lead to anger, which can lead to depression, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and a number of other negative things. All of those things lead straight to poverty. However, you can make your stubbornness work in your favor. Instead of being stubborn in losing, be stubborn enough to not give up on your goals and dreams and win. Instead of being stubborn in wanting to continue in poverty, be stubborn by being relentless in gain prosperity. Decide and write down everything you desire, determine and write down a plan to get it done, and do not stop until you win.

There’s a story told of a Zen monk and a monkey. The Zen monk spent ten years meditating in his cave, trying to find the path to the Truth. While he was praying one afternoon, a monkey came up to him. Then monk tried to concentrate, but the monkey drew closer and seized the monk’s sandal.

“Damned monkey!” said the hermit. “Why have you come to disturb my prayers?”

“I’m hungry,” said the monkey.

“Go away! You are disturbing by communicating with God!”

“How can you talk to God if you cannot manage to communicate with humble creatures like me?” said the monkey.

And the monk apologized, feeling ashamed.

The moral of the story: don’t be so arrogant that you pass up the Truth.



Grace Sandles