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Plant Better Financial


Course Overview

Support Your Need to Grow as a Person, a Parent, and an Entrepreneur.
Plant Better Financial is a course designed to help people from all walks of life master their own income and expenses. There are two different definitions of financial independence. The first is becoming completely responsible for your own expenses. In this case, you are not longer relying on your parents for handouts. You are covering your daily expenses, planning for the future and you are able to meet your basic needs. The second addresses the point where you no longer need to work in order to cover your daily expenses. Generally, this means that you have enough savings and investments that you can live off of the interest that comes from them. Plant Better Financial provides focuses on both of these areas and provides the key resources and valuable financial independence training which is vital as you start and grow your small business, buy your first home, rebuild your credit, or whatever is worthy of the quality of life you so desire.
Plant Better Financial is an effective, affordable, and convenient way to get you the information you need to build the business or life of your dreams. Fill in the gaps and get moving to create that wildly successful life that you have been dreaming about!
In short, we’ll show you how we did it!
• Learn all key elements of a MONEY MANAGEMENT
• Learn the value of what you have and how to obtain MORE MONEY
• Learn the laws of SOWING AND REAPING
• Learn the damaging effect of having the WRONG FINANCIAL PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE.
Overview of the Topics:
Plant Better Financial teaches you the financial skills you will need to start and maintain a successful business and to take back your life financially. You’ll learn all the key elements of governing your finances and have all the tools you will need to make informed decisions when you handle your income. You will learn to avoid the mistakes that lead to financial failure. This program is designed to get you into immediate action. You can work and learn from the comfort of your home or office. When you finish the course you will have a complete understanding of how to take charge of your finances. You are in charge of getting the work done; we are in charge of charting the course!
What is included in the Plant Better Financial:
Lesson 1:   The Law of POSSESSION
We never actually own anything.
Lesson 2:   The law of ALLOCATION
This world has loaned you money.
Lesson 3:   The law of ACCOUNTABILITY
One day people will AUDIT you.
Lesson 4:   The Law of UTILIZATION
You must use your money WISELY.
Lesson 5:   The law of MOTIVATION
You must move AGAINST your fears.
Lesson 6:   The law of APPLICATION
If you don’t use it, you will LOSE it.
Lesson 7:   The Law of COMPENSATION
The Law of Attraction is Real.
Lesson 8:   The Law of CONTENTMENT
There are 5 damaging things that happen to you when you don’t follow the law of contentment.
Lesson 9:   How to Learn CONTENTMENT
Stop COMPARING myself to others.
Lesson 10:  Everything STARTS as a SEED
Everything in this world is organized. Nothing is random.
Lesson 11:  Nothing happens until the seed is PLANTED
Seeds are meant to be planted.
Lesson 12:  Whatever I SOW is what I will REAP
This explains why when you do good you get good and why you do bad, you get bad.
Lesson 13:  I’m not the only SOWER
You are reaping, both good and bad, from what other people around you are sowing
Lesson 14:  I always REAP in a different SEASON than from when I SOW
You can’t always live in the summertime nor can you fast-forward to summer time either.
Lesson 15:  I always REAP more than I SOW
This is the principle of multiplication.
Lesson 16:  I can INCREASE my harvest by planting MORE seed
This is the Law of Proportion.
Lesson 17:  It’s time to start PLANTING now.
Never wait for a better time, the time is always now.
Lesson 18:  To reap the harvest, I must be PATIENT and not GIVE UP
The word “will” is a promise, not a maybe, but a promise.
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