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Starting A Business From Zero


Course Overview

Starting A Business From Zero
Have you ever wondered how other people start from nothing but you can’t seem to duplicate their success?
Don’t you wish there was a tell-all business course, that didn’t try to upsell you or didn’t sell you short of the information? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the Solutions to your lack of finance or credit, to your business challenges, and learn the difference between good ideas vs. great ideas? What about a detailed roadmap to getting from point A to point B? Starting A Business From Zero has those answers and more!
In this online course, we will walk you through the process and systems of creating a strong foundation for picking the right friends and associates, both professionally and personally. We will walk you through how to finance your company with little to no money, how to create your own website, and so much more, Each section is a systematic approach for building a multimillion-dollar organization.
Here’s what you will learn how to do:

Lesson 1 Clarify the type of people you should keep around you
Lesson 2 Research Your Market
Lesson 3 Set a Tangible Financial Goal
Lesson 4 Have Confidence or Learn How To Hire Someone Who Does
Lesson 5 Create A Website And To Make Content That Is Shareable
Lesson 6 Build And Grow An Email List
Lesson 7 Launch A Product Or Service You Can Sell
Lesson 8 Build Your Business Around What You Know
Lesson 9 Start Now And Improve As You Go
Lesson 10 Create Massive Energy
Lesson 11 Avoid Unnecessary Expenses And Move Towards Owning Everything
Lesson 12 Borrow As Little As Possible
Lesson 13 Take Advantage of Free Advertising And Marketing
Lesson 14 Learn More Service Business You Can Start Today Without Any Money
Lesson 15 Join A Mastermind Group
Lesson 16 Find A Co-Founder With Money
Lesson 17 Get Paid Fast And/Or Upfront
Lesson 18 Use Crowdfunding
Lesson 19 Advertise Your Business For Free

I have helped transform businesses across the country using these real-life strategies and he can help you create the business of your dreams!
Enroll in this course as fast as possible, as your dreams are worthy of you and you have waited long enough! There is nowhere online that you will find a course like this that includes a live audience that will ask the same questions you would ask if you were present, as they are real students with the same needs as you, and also makes you feel like you are actually in the class with them! Take notes, do the action steps and ask questions!
I look forward to helping you build the foundation for your success! See you in class.
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