Ever since I have been working with Antonio Smith, CEO and transformational coach (along with many other hats he wears), he has given me advice that would make my life for the better. Through all the suggestions, there were some things I accepted and others I rejected. Truth be told, I rejected most of the advice he gave me. I refused to accept the new information that Tony gave me to help me to grow. It was then that I realized (through him) that I discovered arrogance.

The first time I was arrogant was when I was given advice on how to excel in my finances. Antonio told me that in order to get my finances together and to stop having “more month at the end of the money,” I must pay myself first.

I IMMEDIATELY shut my brain off after he said this. I couldn’t fathom the thought of me paying myself before I paid all of my bills. That statement was foreign to me, so I chose to reject it…. for 2 years. Therefore, my financial situation remained the same for 2 years.

Arrogance means you do not accept new information.  As soon as you hear something you don’t approve of, you immediately reject it.

Alexa Fischer, a speaker and sought-after coach, says that people who are arrogant are also insecure. When you are secure, there is a flow and an exchange in energy.

However, when you’re loud and not willing to hear what anyone else has to say, that is fueled by arrogance. So, arrogance is created from insecurity.

I still struggle with arrogance, as well as so many others. In my struggle, I have discovered methods to overcome:

Method #1: Raise your level of awareness to realize that you are arrogant.

In any 12-step program, the first step is always to admit you have a problem. In order to overcome arrogance, you must realize and admit you are arrogant. You can’t move forward until you do so. Also, the only way to raise your level of awareness is to be open to receive new information and actually apply the information given from people with a higher level of awareness than you. Things that I desired did not manifest until I realized and admitted that I was arrogant and MADE A DECISION to be open and receive.

Method #2: Be grateful for the people who think enough of you to help you win.

Most times, the people you hang around aren’t interested in seeing you succeed. Misery loves company, and because of this, people would rather work to keep you in poverty than to get themselves in prosperity. When people who truly care about you and want to see and help you win tell you to do certain things, it’s to help you grow. Instead of rejecting those things, ask yourself why they want you to do what they have suggested. Don’t take them for granted, because these people are rare. Remember, these are the people with a higher level of awareness than you, so they are where you are striving to go. Being grateful opens doors to many of your goals and dreams. It also changes your attitude and mindset.

Method #3: Turn your challenge into your strength.

Stubbornness is a by-product of arrogance. You don’t want to receive anything because you’re stubborn. Being stubborn can lead to anger, which can lead to depression, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and a number of other negative things. All of those things lead straight to poverty. However, you can make your stubbornness work in your favor. Instead of being stubborn in losing, be stubborn enough to not give up on your goals and dreams and win. Instead of being stubborn in wanting to continue in poverty, be stubborn by being relentless in gain prosperity. Decide and write down everything you desire, determine and write down a plan to get it done, and do not stop until you win.

There’s a story told of a Zen monk and a monkey. The Zen monk spent ten years meditating in his cave, trying to find the path to the Truth. While he was praying one afternoon, a monkey came up to him. Then monk tried to concentrate, but the monkey drew closer and seized the monk’s sandal.

“Damned monkey!” said the hermit. “Why have you come to disturb my prayers?”

“I’m hungry,” said the monkey.

“Go away! You are disturbing by communicating with God!”

“How can you talk to God if you cannot manage to communicate with humble creatures like me?” said the monkey.

And the monk apologized, feeling ashamed.

The moral of the story: don’t be so arrogant that you pass up the Truth.



Grace Sandles


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