Welcome to Plant Better University and Your New Streaming Service 

Welcome to the Netflix of transformational videos.  We add NEW videos every month, to add value to your membership. Experience Audio and Video, from live events, keynotes, coaching sessions, courses, classes, movies, marketing and sales training, and more. 


What is plant better university?

Plant Better University is the new streaming transformational, personal and professional development platform led by Antonio T. Smith, Jr. Inside PBU, you get access to Antonio T. Smith, Jr., his best teachers, along with all of his proven tools, strategies, and resources you need to dominate your reality in one location.

Why plant better university

Our carefully designed platform includes hundreds of courses and classes personally taught by Antonio, and has a goal of reaching 8,000+ exclusive on-demand videos on topics that are designed to make you rich, all physically, mentally and spiritually. You will also get exclusive access to mastermind calls, live events, books, and paid resources for free. You can start anytime and you can work through the material at your own pace.

It just keeps getting better and better

You will only get MAJOR value here. As all of you know, Antonio T. Smith, Jr. gives more free information away than anyone in his field. He loves to over delivery and plays a different game than most people. Expect nothing but the best from PBU and expect your membership to INCREASE IN VALUE every single month. Antonio would have it no other way.

Sandy Peters

CEO Nurse

Melvin Foreman

Best Selling Author

"The online university that is designed  to make you RICH, HAPPY, AND POWERFUL"

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"You can plant better. You can dominate."

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