Stop Allowing People To Make You Feel Bad For Winning

Stop Allowing People To Make You Feel Bad For Winning
The Reasons You Don’t Have To Apologize For Your Blessings

Don’t lose sleep over being blessed when you worked your butt off to get it.

It was you who decided to go to the gym while your friends were smoking weed. It was you who decided to eat healthy while your friends ate whatever they wanted to eat.

Now, they want you to feel bad because they can’t bear the guilt of their own decisions. There is absolutely no reason for you to ever feel guilty for doing well in life. If you are blessed and you worked for everything you have, you have zero reasons to feel guilty for doing better than the people around you.

Some people will never do anything with their lives and their time, and then expect you to do just as bad as them because they are uncomfortable with you doing well. Your job is to take care of your dreams!

Here are 5 reasons why you don’t owe anyone an apology for doing well in life:

Winners Connect With Other Winners

If you are around people who are upset with you because you spend more time with your new friends than you spend with them, I want you to be very conscious of why you have made this change. Winners connect with winners and you realized that you can’t win around the people you grew up with. Yes, they are family, but the family will rarely get you to the next level of your life. The family is more likely to keep the negative opinions of you because family rarely wants to be the lesser of the relatives. You found you a new family, some new friends, and you do not have to apologize for this! You aren’t trying to replace anyone in your life, you are simply trying to be someone special in your own life.

People Talk Behind Your Back Because You Surpassed Them

The people who are talking behind your back can’t handle that you have passed them up in life, as they see it, so they can’t verbalize a “congratulations”; therefore, you only get the hatred that is always easier to manifest. When they talk about you, your only response should be humble winning. There is never a reason to argue with anyone who doesn’t exist in your winning formula. If they haven’t contributed to your winning methods, politely ignore them and win some more, because winning is the only way to change their perception. Always remember, 50% of the NBA hated Kobe Bryant until his last game of his 20th season— Kobe scored 60 in his last game! That is how you treat people against. Don’t argue, score!

You Don’t Owe Anyone Anything

You don’t owe them jack! This is your life and you don’t have to live it for the approval of others. Most certainly, you should be living your life to add value to others, but you do not have to receive your value from others. The latter is detrimental to your health and self-esteem. Since you don’t owe anyone anything, your value isn’t determined by what they think of you. You deserve your blessings and you don’t have to explain why you enjoy them so much to anyone!

You Don’t Have To Live An Apology

One of the worst things I see in this world is good people who are forced to perform at a lower level because the people they love are expecting them to perform at a lower level. Why? Because they are still hurt by something you did to them years ago, and as long as you are around them, you aren’t supposed to be doing well, because of what you did in the past.

Don’t let people do that to you! So what you got pregnant before these people wanted you to. You’ve given birth, you take care of your child, and you deserve your dreams. So, what is the problem? Just because they have a low opinion of you doesn’t mean you have to live up to it. Never, ever allow anyone to make you feel bad for being so blessed. Feed your kids, feed your family, be there for the people who need you most, but don’t pay their bills because you feel bad for doing so well. Everyone has to be responsible for them. Help them as much as you can, recognize people don’t start in the same places in life or with the same advantages, do what you can to help them, but never feel bad about the harvest you have earned!

The Reason They Have A Problem With Your Life Is Because They Don’t Have One

They hate your life because they have created the life they want for themselves. Excuses sound best to the person making them up and they have millions of excuses for why they aren’t winning and why you should feel bad for winning around them.

You can only control your harvest and influence the harvest of others.

When you get the two confused you will suffer. When you try to influence your own harvest and control the harvest of others, you don’t do enough work in your garden, and you spend too much time planting seeds in someone else’s with your energy and income, while they sit back and reap from your life source.

You have a choice. No one should feel bad for winning. Especially you.

Antonio T. Smith, Jr.
A guy willing to die for his dream and live for others to see their own.

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