Why Customer Acquisition Is More Important Than Customer Service

There will be about 50% of people to disagree with me here, maybe even more, because we have been taught incorrectly- and in a few cases, some of you just don’t want massive income overflowing in your bank accounts. You are perfectly fine with being average. Well, I am not. I want it all and […]

Showing Up As A King -Plant Better 6

I don’t care what you say, you are loved, greatly loved, and more than appreciated. I want you to know that. Please know that. Keep knowing that. And love yourself for it.

The Problem Is Time -Plant Better 5

The Problem Is Time. You know it! Everyone wants time from you and everyone doesn’t respect how little you have. I wish that all of you will understand the system and truly comprehend why you don’t make the money you deserve to make. Check out episode 5.

So, I Met This Guy – Plant Better 4

More of this!!!!

I Have A Dream -Plant Better 3

I am super excited to bring you this episode of #PlantBetter. Martin Luther King, Jr. showed up. Today is a big day and I get to serve the masses. Yet, somehow soundcheck was the best part 😂. Check it out.

Aiden Figures Out He Knows A Lot About Business – Plant Better 2

In this episode, my oldest son doesn’t recognize how great he is. He had a fun-smiling time figuring out how much he knows about business. Check it out. Drop me some comments and tell me what you think. #PlantBetter