Showing Up As A King -Plant Better 6

I don’t care what you say, you are loved, greatly loved, and more than appreciated. I want you to know that. Please know that. Keep knowing that. And love yourself for it.

The Problem Is Time -Plant Better 5

The Problem Is Time. You know it! Everyone wants time from you and everyone doesn’t respect how little you have. I wish that all of you will understand the system and truly comprehend why you don’t make the money you deserve to make. Check out episode 5.

So, I Met This Guy – Plant Better 4

More of this!!!!

I Have A Dream -Plant Better 3

I am super excited to bring you this episode of #PlantBetter. Martin Luther King, Jr. showed up. Today is a big day and I get to serve the masses. Yet, somehow soundcheck was the best part 😂. Check it out.

Aiden Figures Out He Knows A Lot About Business – Plant Better 2

In this episode, my oldest son doesn’t recognize how great he is. He had a fun-smiling time figuring out how much he knows about business. Check it out. Drop me some comments and tell me what you think. #PlantBetter

The Reason Why No One Is Buying From You – Plant Better 1

Most people seek to be popular on social media but not paid. This is a major issue. Yet, it is not the most pressing issue of all. The title of most pressing issue belongs to wanting to be paid and having no idea how to get it done. Getting paid by strangers is about not […]