The Number One Reason You Are Not Winning

Let’s make this simple and direct.

You are losing because of the relationships you keep around you. This is a fact. I hate when I see nice people losing in life because they don’t care enough about themselves to screen their relationships.

Excuses are getting you nowhere and your friends are getting you even less than nowhere. There is no money to be made in arguing with your friends and the people in your circle. The people around you will keep you in poverty or prosperity. There is no such thing as an “in between”. People will not feel sorry for you. It will only be you feeling sorry for yourself and your friends will be there to help you sink deeper in sorrow or get you completely out of it.

It is a new day! My message isn’t to tear you down and contribute to your negativity. I simply want to give you 4 ways to change your relationships and live a life that is worthy of you.

My mentor, Les Brown teaches me to not accept calls or texts, do not answer emails and instant messages, or any other form of communication without asking these four questions:

1. Is this person, situation, or conversation positive?

There is such a major problem for people and far too many don’t understand the gift of positivity and it is such a shame. Everything in this life is flowing through vibrations and the better the vibration, the better quality of things that will come find you. With this being said, negative people, conversations, and situations only bring the terrible things into your life. You are the reason you are not winning because you keep allowing negative people and things into your life. A negative person or conversation will never, ever serve you. Poverty is a choice, and that choice flows through a certain type of mindset, and that mindset always encompasses negativity.

2. Is this person, situation, or conversation purposeful?

And then there was this one! How easy and convenient is it for us to blame everything bad in our life on other people. Half of the people spend their entire days being so busy on useless and unattractive things. They major in minor things and never get anything purposeful done because they spend all their energy on things that do not serve them. Excuses mean the most to the people making them up. Ask yourself, are the friends you have in your life purposeful? Do they get you to a higher level, or do they play video games with you? Here is a good test for you: It takes you $10,000 to start a new business but you have 10 minutes to raise the money for it, and your investors give you 10 minutes to make as many phone calls as you need to raise the money? How will the people in your life treat you when you ask for this money? Will they even have the money to give? If not, or if they will treat you poorly, you have social relationships, not purposeful relationships. Remember, you can be plenty social with your purposeful relationships. But you cannot be plenty purposeful with your social-only relationships.

3. Is this person, situation, or conversation productive?

Listen, if you aren’t producing anything together, you may need to reevaluate your relationships. You cannot get to the promise land with promises. You get to the promise land with hard work and significant relationships. You have to breakthrough average and poverty and be the most productive person in your field, and then friends and loved ones need to be just as productive as you. How many productive conversations have you had today? Everyone is talking about money, but did you talk about investing it? I am saddened by the fact that there are so many people out here that can be successful but they spend 90% of their days being unproductive. The outcome of your life and your career are based on the choices you have made.

4. Is this person, situation, or conversation profitable in knowledge, experience, or money?

Let’s be real. You live on planet earth and as long as you are human, they will charge you to be here. It doesn’t matter if you are a priest or a school teacher, they want your money and they want it up front. Therefore, it is time that you begin to think about having profitable relationships. You have to have them and you will not get far in life if you don’t have them or if you don’t become one with yourself! This is simple, but the average person doesn’t think in this manner. All of your relationships should earn you some sort of profit in the areas of knowledge, experience, or money. Hopefully, you can get all three, but at least get you one.

This is why you are not winning because you are not playing to win. If you are not playing to win, then you are playing the game of averages. And if you are playing the game of averages, then you have now become average, and average people don’t win! They just place somewhere in their comfort zones and say things like, “everything is not a competition” or “I’m proud of myself. I did well this time.” Average people with a poor character either complain about winners, gossip about winners, read about winners, or have secret romantic relationships with winners, but they are not winners and will never be winners. Unless they change the quality of their relationships. Sure, there are more things that matter, but relationships are key.

There, that was pretty easy. Sure, there are more things that matter, but relationships are key. If this writing lit a fire within your blood, sign up for my FREE webinar at

Antonio T. Smith, Jr.
A guy willing to die for his dream and live for others to see their own.

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