Why Excuses Are Arguments For You To Be Poor And Not Admired

Why Excuses Are Arguments For You To Be Poor And Not Admired
You Are In Control of Your Life

Dear Reader, “this blog would have been so much better but my workout this morning made me so tired that I have a headache.”

Wait, let’s try this one. Dear Reader, “the reason you don’t like this blog is that my father left me when I was 5 and my mother left me when I was 6, so… you know, I am not the writer I could have been had they not left me.”


By now you get my point. Excuses are trash and you knew it the moment I started explaining to you why this is not a good blog. There are a few things wrong with this statement:

  • This is the greatest blog of all time! Duh!
  • I made excuses about the blog before I even finished the blog. Yeah, that is sorry as well. I didn’t even give the effort it would have taken to make this a great blog, I simply put all my energy into making an excuse about how I COULD NOT GIVE the effort it takes to make this a great blog.
  • Lastly, you don’t care about my excuse. In fact, the excuse only sounded great to me because I was the one using energy to create it.

Bryan Orr, in his blog 4 Reasons Why Reasons Don’t Matter writes, “An excuse is breaking a direct or implied agreement and then giving a reason why you didn’t keep it.”

I couldn’t agree with this more. If you are making an excuse, you are simply explaining to someone why you couldn’t keep your agreement with them. This is not an energy issue, but a character issue. And the people who are rarely admired in life are those with character issues.

Winners do not make excuses. Losers love them. Here are my top 3 reasons why excuses are arguments for you to be poor and not admired.

1. You Are In Control of Your Life

When you make excuses, you are implying that there was some force greater than you, something with external origins, that simply did not let you keep your agreement. Obviously, to the excuse maker, which in most cases is the average person, nothing is ever their fault. However, this is the biggest lie that has ever been told in the history of mankind. In truth, everything in your current reality is your fault, and only your fault. You are the only person who has ever shown up to your life every single day. You are in a relationship with that man or that woman. You are the person who has allowed for your car to get in that condition, or you are the person who didn’t wake up 10 mins earlier to neutralize the power of the traffic jam that came against you. Most of you are waking up every day looking for pain, dysfunction, and drama, and that is exactly what comes into your life, and then you come up with passionate reasons about how it wasn’t your fault, because you haven’t mastered the concept of everything in your life begins with the seeds you plant.

2. You Are Afraid To Be Creative

“It’s traditional to do it this way,” or “We’ve always done it this way.” Here is one that has killed the most creative ideas of all time, and stifled the motivation of every new person who was once on fire to change how things worked in the organization. When you say things like “It’s traditional to do it this way,” or “We’ve always done it this way”, you are saying, I have no idea how to be creative, and I am too afraid to try anything new and fail.

3. You Sleep Too Late

“There’s not enough time.” Yep! You have more than likely said this one before. You will never find more than 24 hours a day. It doesn’t matter if you are famous or powerful, we all have 24 hours. If you want to find more time, stop waking up at 6 am and wake up at 3 am. With those extra 3 hours, if you work them, you will gain 3 more months a year in time than anyone competing against you. This is why successful people don’t wake up at noon.

No one remembers average people 2 generations after their death. When I train leaders, I always ask them, who knows their great, great, great grandparents? Out of the thousands of leaders, I have trained, only 2 people have ever answered yes. Both of those leaders were young people who had college paid for them and did not grow up in poverty. What did their great, great, great grandparents do? One was an inventor, the other was an author.

Please understand this much. Neither leader ever met the people of this generation of grandparents, but they know them very well because those grandparents changed the financial status of their families, and did something that could be remembered forever. Are they famous? Probably not. You probably won’t find either parent on Wikipedia, but they are not forgotten or poor. And they are not forgotten or poor because they did not make excuses.

If you desire to be forgotten within your own family, keep making excuses. That is the fastest way to make this happen.

Antonio T. Smith, Jr.
A guy willing to die for his dream and live for others to see their own.

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  1. This was awesome. You say things out of habit not realizing that you’re using excuses to stifle your growth. Thank you for writing this blog!

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